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How to be a successful Technical Writer?

A Technical Writer typically acts as a bridge between a Technologist on the one side and a layman on the other side. The need for this bridge is obvious; the end-user is a layman who is not able to understand the technology of the Technologist.

Technical writing any writing that is—about a specific product or server, for a specific audience, and for a specific purpose.

Generally, a Technical Writer will write about a product, be it particular software or household durable. However he can also write about any specific service.

A Technical Writer has to be a Technologist. Any writer who understands and digests information related to a Technology and presents that in a simple language to the end-user can be a successful Technical Writer.

To become a successful Technical Writer, a person should:

  1. have a thorough understanding about the product or service he is writing about.

  2. have the knack to write in a simple language so that the end-user is able to understand and appreciate what he is writing about.

  3. have an eye for details so that he can find out and avoid even minute grammatical errors.

  4. have a thorough understanding of the audience for whom he is writing for.

To have all the above characteristics a Technical Writer has to read a lot. Only a good reader can be a good writer. Another technique which a writer can follow to become a successful Technical Writer is to put him in the shoes of the end-user.

In Technical Writing, foreign words such as, ‘viz.’, ‘etc.’, and so on should not be used. If there are any steps or procedures to be followed, those should be mentioned clearly and in the proper order. There should not be any ambiguity in writing.

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